The Bush Junta

Twenty-five international cartoonists have researched,
written, drawn and laid bare the truth on
George W. Bush, his family's dynasty,
their sordid business connections and various wars,
and the Bush regime itself--in 24 humorous,
witty, acerbic, and factual chapters.

A primer to Bushian corruption and malfeasance,
The Bush Junta includes chapters on
Gulf wars I and II, the S&L scandal, the 2000 presidential coup,
the Bush record on the environment and civil liberties,
September 11, the Guantanamo camp,
and profiles of such sinister figures as
Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, John Ashcroft,
and Karl Rove.
Plus a series of bumper-sticker sized flyers
that you can reproduce and surreptitiously attach
to the backs of stalwarts attending
GOP rallies.

Edited by Mack White
and Gary Groth

Introduction by Alex Jones
Foreword by Uri Dowbenko
Afterword by Adam Gorightly

Contributing Cartoonists

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Alejandro Alvarez
Steve Brodner
Jaime Crespo
Lloyd Dangle
Jem Eaton
Scott Gilbert
Albo Helm
Jasun Huerta
Ted Jouflas
Peter Kuper
Mark Landman
Scott Marshall
David Paleo
Ethan Persoff
Ted Rall
Larry Rodman
Spain Rodriguez
Marcel Ruijters
Kenneth Smith
Ralph Steadman
Carol Swain
Seth Tobocman
Penny Van Horn
Mack White
Aleksander Zograf