by Mack White

Eyes Wide Shut

I woke up and glanced at the clock. It was nearly three in the morning. I had been asleep for about four hours.

This had been my pattern of sleep for the past few months. Four hours of sleep, then--bang, wide awake. It usually took an hour or two before I could get back to sleep.

I grabbed the remote, turned on the television, and began looking for something to watch--preferably something that would lull me back to Dreamland. An old, slow-moving black-and-white film usually did the trick.

Instead, I found myself watching the late Stanley Kubrick's final film Eyes Wide Shut.

What was I thinking? I had seen the film twice before, and knew it was hardly one designed to lull a person to sleep, let alone produce sweet dreams.

As many writers have noted, there are aspects to the film which uncannily echo the accounts of purported CIA-mind controlled sex slaves such as Candy Jones, Cathy O'Brien, and Brice Taylor. For instance, as Adam Gorightly notes in his article "An Interpretation of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut" on, the use of masks in the film and the manner in which characters inexplicably change personalities are strongly suggestive of the process of trauma-based mind-control programming. Gorightly further notes that the recurrent rainbow symbolism in the film seems to be a direct allusion to the way in which images and themes from The Wizard of Oz are reportedly used as a programming matrix for mind control victims.

Also, the film's key scene--the one in which Tom Cruise crashes a Masonic-style sex magick ritual--readily brings to mind the goings-on in Alex Jones' real-life Bohemian Grove video. In this surreptitiously recorded video, world leaders in red hooded robes are seen conducting a mock human sacrifice in front of a giant statue of the Babylonian child-eating, owl-god Molech.

Some have even suggested that Kubrick was murdered for revealing Illuminati secrets, and that the final cut of the film may not be the one he would have made had he lived to finish editing it.

Ordinarily, these are things I do not like to think about in the dead of night. My day life is full enough of such preoccupations. But I thought I would watch the film just long enough to catch Nicole Kidman's nude scene in the beginning of the film, then change the channel to something else.

However, I became absorbed in the film, and watched it almost in its entirety before falling back to sleep. And the dream I had was far from sweet.

I found myself in a top-secret, underground, multi-leveled, futuristic complex of some kind, walking past rows of white-coated technicians busily working at strangely-shaped computer terminals.

Though there is no such scene in the film, it felt like a continuation of Eyes Wide Shut. Also, I was no longer me. I was in the mind of the Tom Cruise character. And I had the sense that I was emerging from a trance.

I looked over the shoulder of one of the technicians and read what was displayed on the computer screen. It was my file.

As I read the file, I realized with mounting horror that I was being programmed as a Manchurian Candidate, to perform some kind of dirty work for the New World Order.

I picked up a table and threw it over the railing onto a lower level of the complex. Then I started throwing more furniture.

I ran down the steps to the lower level, and encountered a female technician. Her chin, I noticed, was pointed--like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. And she was coming towards me with a hypodermic needle.

I knocked the needle out of her hand, then began strangling her.

At this point, I realized I was dreaming--and made a mental note to write down the dream when I woke up. It might make a good story, I thought.

As I squeezed the white-coated witch's neck, her face turned blue and began to elongate, causing the chin to become even more pointed. Then her eyeballs turned red and began spinning in their sockets. Next, her mouth opened, revealing sharp, predatory teeth and a snake-like tongue that lashed out like a whip.

She was becoming something inhuman--and, I was afraid, un-killable.

The dream was becoming too horrible. I didnāt want to follow it through to the end, even if it did have potential for a good story. I've got enough material to work with, I decided--and forced myself to wake up.

The television was still on. Eyes Wide Shut had gone off, and now some other movie was on.

I got up to find a pen and paper, then wrote down the dream. Then I got back in bed and began watching television again. I changed the channel to an all-night network news program.

A smiling blonde anchorwoman was describing the latest convenience for grocery shoppers.

"You don't have to use your credit card anymore," she chirped. "Now, all you need is your fingerprint!"

I noticed that her chin was pointed.

Am I still dreaming? I thought.

But the question was only rhetorical. I knew all too well that this was the real world.

Since the terror attacks of September 11, the news had been full of new technologies being introduced for our "safety" and "convenience"--retinal scans in banks, facial recognition cameras on city streets, and X-ray cameras that could see through clothing at airport checkpoints.

Worse, the IBM company Digital Angel had used the terror attacks as a marketing springboard to promote its new implantable microchip--the Verichip. There had even been live coverage on Good Morning America of an entire family in Florida being implanted with the chip.

The chip, of course, was made to sound all good. Lose a child? No problem. The chip will help find the child. Check into the emergency room and can't talk? No problem. The nurse will scan your wrist like a box of cereal at the supermarket check-out stand, and your name, address, insurance information, credit card numbers, and entire medical history will appear on a computer screen. Worried about violent criminals being released into society? No problem. The chip can track the movements of parolees in "real time" and alert authorities to parole violations. And, just to show this wasn't all hot air, Digital Angel signed a contract with the California Department of Corrections for a three-year trial program to try out the chip on Los Angeles-area parolees.

The talking hair-dos on television had emphasized all these benefits, yet had given only token attention to privacy concerns and other ethical implications.

And now, in the dead of night, this pointy-chinned blonde was chattering away about the latest convenience--fingerprint databases on file at your local supermarket. Forget your credit card? Lose your credit card? Worried about credit card theft? No problem. Just give us your fingerprints.

I waited for her to mention that not everyone is thrilled with this new system--that, in fact, a "Boycott Kroger's" movement has sprung up (the Kroger's supermarket chain being among the first to install the system). But she never did. This time there was not even token mention of a possible negative aspect to this latest "convenience."

The Rat-Bot and You

Years ago, Yale University's Dr. Jose Delgado--one of the denizens of the CIA's mind control program MK-ULTRA--implanted electrodes in a bull which, when activated with the tap of a button, could stop the animal from charging.

The basic technology, then, is not new. So, it came as no surprise when researchers at the State University of New York and Drexel University recently announced they could control the movements of rats by implanting probes in their brains. Sitting at laptop computers at distances up to a third-of-a-mile away, they could (not unlike the white-coated technicians in my dream) make the rats turn left, turn right, climb over fences, up trees, through pipes, and so forth. These "robotic" rats--or "rat-bots," as they are also called--would be used for humanitarian purposes such as rescue missions, video surveillance, or the detection of explosives.

However, as Paul W. Glimcher, a neurobiologist at New York University, pointed out, it is a certainty that this technology could also be applied to humans--with "huge legal, moral, and ethical ramifications."

In other words, you may become a rat-bot some day. And that day may dawn sooner than you think.

  What assurance do we have that the Verichip's functions will go no further than identification and tracking (which is scary enough), and not also eventually include the control of human behavior?

The Verichip is only one new technology among many that promises to marry the human body with machine. The July 2000 issue of Popular Science describes another one currently under development--"nanorobots," microscopic machines which, once injected into the bloodstream, can travel to any part of the body to perform surgery from within, much like the miniaturized doctors in the film Fantastic Voyage.

Sounds good on the surface. But, as researcher Texe Marrs has pointed out, the nanorobot is just as capable of traveling to the frontal lobe of the brain as to the lungs or the heart. There, it could perform a lobotomy.

Imagine a biological terror attack on your city using weaponized smallpox. Following procedures outlined in the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act (passed by twenty states, so far), you are herded, along with thousands of other humans, into the nearest football stadium. There, you receive your smallpox vaccine. But, unbeknownst to you, the vaccine contains a nanorobot, which finds its way to your brain.

Suddenly, you have no more free will. Suddenly, you love the New World Order. You have become a rat-bot.

The technology is there, make no mistake about it. So, too, is the intent.

In the Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974, the aforementioned Dr. Delgado is quoted as saying, "We need a program for psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated... The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind... We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain."

Here's another chilling quote. In 1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security advisor to President Carter, predicted in his book Between Two Ages that technological systems would be developed by 1995 that "would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period"--the purpose being to create "a more controlled and directed society."

The Mark of the Beast

When I was a boy, I would spend a few weeks each summer with my grandmother in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Grandma White was a lonely old widow whose greatest joy in life, aside from her grandchildren, was her relationship with God.

Many a time, as the old electric fan droned in the quiet West Texas night, I listened as she told me about the spiritual visions she had experienced in her life. There was the time, for instance, when she had been saved. She had been sitting in church listening to the sermon when she saw a ball of fire pick up the preacher and carry him around the room. From that moment on, she knew no doubt, and was a devout member of the pentecostalist Church of God for the rest of her life.

Then there was the time God showed up at her front door and spoke to her as she lay in the front bedroom.

I was fascinated. "What did He look like?" I asked.

"I didn't look at Him," she said. "I stayed in bed. But I could see out the window onto the porch, and it was all lit up--the brightest light I ever saw--you can't imagine how bright that light was! I knew if I was to get up and go to the door and look directly at that light--at God--I would be struck blind like Moses when he went up the mountain to fetch the Ten Commandments."

Later that night, I lay in bed with the covers pulled tight over my head, sweating with fear. If God had shown up here once, He might do it again. And maybe this time He would decide to appear in the window of my bedroom instead of the front door--and what if I forgot and looked at him?

Grandma would also read me her favorite book of the Bible--the Book of Revelation--filling my head with images of Doom, and seven-headed, multi-horned lions with snake tongues and dragon wings, and the Pale Horse whose rider was called Death--and, for days afterward, I would live in dread of the awful day when it all inevitably came to pass.

But the most important thing in the Book of Revelation--the thing Grandma said I must remember at all costs, if I never remembered another word from the Bible--was that I must never take the Mark of the Beast.

"As sure as I am sitting here before you now," she said, knitting her brows and peering down through her glasses with great severity, "the day will come when the government will demand that you take that mark, and if you do, you will be damned to the Eternal Lake of Hell Fire."

Over and over, she would read the relevant verses, Revelation 13:16-18:

"And he causeth all, both great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the Beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666."

She made me memorize the verse, and would sometimes test me, without warning, just to make sure I still knew it. She was particularly concerned that I remember the number, and hadn't gotten it confused with some other number, and would impress upon me again and again that I must never, ever, under any circumstances, take that mark.

"It would be better to die," she would say, "better to run for dear life and take a bullet in the back than to take that mark."

Grandma White has been dead a long time, and in the intervening years, I have not given much thought to the Mark of the Beast. Until now.

I am mistrustful of Bible Prophecy as a means of understanding current events or divining the future. Too often, Bible Prophecy has been used by propagandists such as Hal Lindsey or Pat Robertson to manipulate masses of people into accepting as "miraculous" such events as the birth of the modern state of Israel, or viewing Armageddon as inevitable.

But I cannot help noticing the similarity between the Mark of the Beast and the scary potential of the new technologies currently being unleashed by the military-industrial complex for our "convenience" and "safety." In this matter at least--whether by supernatural means or not--the Book of Revelation appears to be prophetic.

Today, only two supermarket chains are using the fingerprint identification system, and it is voluntary. But tomorrow it may be all supermarkets, or all stores of any kind, and it may not be voluntary. You may find yourself hard pressed to buy or sell anything unless your fingerprints are on file, or unless you have a microchip implanted in your hand or forehead.

Today, only rats need worry about becoming rat-bots. But tomorrow, if the likes of Dr. Delgado or Zbigniew Brzezinski have their way, it may be you, or your children, or your children's children.

The Beast System is being born. It is not a bad dream. Neither is it a movie. It is real. And it fits my definition of evil.

It is the death of free will--the death of the soul. It is the hijacking of evolution by our criminally insane, would-be global masters--the transformation of the great mass of humanity into something lower than serfs--into mindless, soulless drones fit only to serve the Beast.

Extinction of the human race would be better than the "controlled and directed society" envisioned by the New World Order. Or, as Grandma White would say, "It would be better to take a bullet in the back than to take that mark."